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Projects & Facilities


Mason Creek Utility District has four water wells in three different locations within the district. The four wells combined can produce over 5,000 gallons per minute of potable water. These wells are located at three plant sites including the Houghton Road Water Plant, Dominion Drive Water Plant and Galleon Oaks Water Plant.

Sanitary sewer services are provided through the district's partial ownership of a wastewater treatment plant located near Mason Road and connections with other area treatment resources.

In 2001 we repainted and made repairs to the elevated storage tank on Dominion. The 620,000-gallon storage tank has been completely repainted from the ground up and a new internal coating to meet state water quality guidelines. This tank is drained and inspected inside and out every 5 years. At the same time the tower was being painted, Taylor High School was granted permission to display its logo and name on the north side of the tower.

In 2000, a main water supply pipeline was installed in the esplanades of the newly constructed section of Westgreen Boulevard. This new pipeline was installed to complete the water supply loop around the Utility District and prepare for future growth along Westgreen Boulevard and I-10.

In 2000 we constructed a new maintenance and equipment storage building at the District office site. The new building is a 3,000-square foot block building and has been designed and constructed to store District equipment necessary for daily operations and to eliminate the storage of equipment outdoors.

Houghton Road has two wells – Well #1 was drilled in 1972 and can produce about 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm). The original plant had a water storage tank that would hold 460,000 gallons of water. In 1984 a second ground storage tank was added holding an additional capacity of 620,000 gallons of water. With the extra storage capacity the Board of Directors decided to drill a second water well on the site, which would produce more water. In 1986 a 2nd well was drilled which would produce an additional 2,100 gpm drilled to the depth of 1,354 feet. This plant site has four booster pumps, which, if needed, can produce up to 13,500 gpm. The plant has a backup power system large enough to power the entire plant.
Water Storage TankSecond WellBackup Power System
Elevated Storage Tank
Dominion Drive Water Plant has one well, which was drilled in 1977 and can produce 1,800 gpm of potable water. This plant site has one ground storage tank with capacity to store 620,000 gallons of water and one elevated storage tank (built in 1976) which holds 500,000 gallons. The elevated tank is what holds the system pressure constant at around 62 psi. The plant site also has two booster pumps, which can produce about 3,300 gpm. This plant also has a backup power supply large enough to run both booster pumps and the districts administrative office is necessary. The original well collapsed in 1994 and was replaced with a new well on the same site.
New WellBackup Power Supply
Galleon Water Well
Galleon Oaks Water Plant has one well, which was drilled in 1982 and is 1,408 feet deep and produces 2,500 gpm of potable water. The site has two ground storage tanks each with capacities of 620,000 gallons of water. The site has three booster pumps, which can produce over 2,200 gpm. The site has two backup power supply units that are capable of running the 400hp well motor and the booster pumps plus the control building. The well on this site collapsed in 1993 and a new well was drilled the same year.
Rennie Road Lift Station

Mason Creek pumps the sewage from the system to two regional sewer treatment plants. From Kingsland to I-10 the sewer is pumped by the Rennie Road Lift Station. The lift station is located next to the Nottingham Community Park on Rennie Road. This lift station has three pumps and handles 800,000 gallons per day (gpd) of sewage. The sewage from this station is pumped to the West Memorial Sewer Plant located on Kingsland Drive, west of Mason Road. The sewer is pumped through a 14" cast iron pipe called a force main. The station has a backup power supply capable of running the entire site.

Brondesbury Lift Station

The Brondesbury Lift Station handles the flow from the rest of system. This station pumps to a manhole on Westgreen Boulevard and the sewer flow through trunk line to the Cinco Regional Sewer Plant. The station has three lift pumps and handles 450,000 gpd. There is also backup power capable of running the entire site.

Each lift station has a bypass pump which will allow the district to pump sewage even if we have a failure in the force mains. Each station has a 20hp submersible pump, which will send flow to different locations with an agreement between Mason Creek and Nottingham Country MUD.

Our water system has four interconnects with other water districts in the area. One is located on Fry Road between Mason Creek and Greentrails MUD. Two are located between Mason Creek and Nottingham Country MUD on Shillington and Brondesbury at the district boundary lines. The fourth is on Park Pine between Harris County MUD 81 and Mason Creek. The meters are 6 inches and will read flow in either direction, water flowing to us or to them. The meters are read monthly and the systems are billed for any water used through those meters.